God Commands Abraham to sacrifice Isaac in mount Moriah


God wanted to test Abraham’s faith. One day the Lord called Abraham, take your only Son and offer him to me in the land of Moriah. I will show you the mountain where you will sacrifice him to me.

Early next morning, Abraham started the Journey with his Son and his servants to where God commanded him to sacrifice Isaac.

Abram and Isaac arrive at Mount Moriah.

Abram and Isaac arrive at Mount Moriah.

The Journey took them for three days.

When he arrived at Moriah, he saw the mount from a distance, he said to his two servants, wait here with the donkey. Isaac and I will go up there and worship the Lord.

Abraham made him carry the wood, and he himself carried a knife and live coals and for starting the fire. Isaac spoke to his father;

We have the coal and wood, but there is no lamb for the sacrifice. Abraham replied the Lord would provide.

Abraham about to sacrifice Isaac

When they arrived at the mountain area where God had told him, he built an altar, arranged the wood, and tied up his Son on top of the wood.

As he was about to kill his Son, an Angel called out and said; don’t hurt the boy.

 I know that you honor and obey God because you have not kept back your only Son from him.

Abraham looked around and saw a lamb in the bush, and he offered it to the Lord.

The Angel called to Abraham a second time from heaven and said, the lord is speaking – because you have done this, I vow in my name that I will richly bless you, and I promise to give you descendants as many as stars in the sky and sand grain along the seashore.

Then, Abraham went to his servant, and they all went back to Beersheba. This is the story of how God commanded Abraham to sacrifice Isaac.

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