7 Prayer Points Against Abortion


He who commits or abates abortion is a murderer. 

Many of us are guilty of this sin once or repeatedly in our lifetime. May the Lord have mercy and forgive us in Jesus name. Amen.

One sin leads to another sin. If you avoid the sin of fornication or adultery, then abortions wouldn’t come into the picture.


Many believers commit fornication or adultery at will without thinking about the after-effect. 

Many people find it difficult to control their actions (fornication or adultery) because it has become habitual.  


So to pray ourselves out of abortion, we must first deal with the root cause.

Our prayers should focus on dealing with the root cause of abortion. 


7 Prayer Points Against Abortion


  1. O Lord, help me not soil my hands into abortion to destroy the unborn child in Jesus Name.
  2. O Lord, let thy Holy Spirit empower me to remain disciplined and not to yield to the temptation of sexual cravings.
  3. Let the spirit of lust lose its hold over my mortal existence in Jesus Name.
  4. O Lord, I cannot fight this temptation on my own; I need your grace to overcome this error operating in my mortal being in Jesus Name.
  5. O Lord, do not cast me from your presence and take not thy Holy Spirit from me in Jesus Name.
  6. I shall not fall under the power of sexual cravings leading to fornication, adultery, and abortion in Jesus Name.
  7. Thank you Lord, for healing and restoring my spirit man into your presence in Jesus Name. 

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