Story of Abraham and Lot’s conflict.


After Abraham was drove out of Egypt, he went back to Canaan.

He was very rich with many sheep goats, cattle slaves, silver and gold.

Lot also has abundant goats, cattle and servants.

At a time, there was no enough pasture land for Abraham and Lot to stay together.

One day a fight broke out between there men who took care of the animals.

Abraham called Lot.

He said to him, We are relative and our men shouldn’t be quarreling with each other.

So you go one way and I go the other way. Lot looked around and chose the whole Jordan Valley because it has plenty of water like the Lord’s Garden or land of Egypt.

Abraham stayed in Canaan while Lot settles in Jordan Valley, near Sodom, whose people are wicked and sinned against God.

Abraham stayed at Canaan and latter, moved his camp near the sacred tree of Mamre at Hebron.

There he built an altar for the Lord. This is the story of Abraham on Lot’s conflict.

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