Day 7 – Story of the creation


The whole universe was completed from Genesis 1: 1- 31, and by this day, Genesis 2: 1- 4, God stopped working and rested.

What did God say about the 7th day?

According to the scripture Exodus 20: 8 – 11, you should remember the Sabbath day (7th day) and keep it holy. He said we shouldn’t work on this day because he had rested after completing the universe’s creation on this day. 

 How long was the seventh day of creation?

The scripture says 2 Peter 3: 8, a day with the lord is a thousand years in our time. So, the 6 days of creation is a much longer period in thousands or billions than 24hrs of our day. However, the seventh day harmonizes with our days.

Did God Rest on Saturday or Sunday?

God rested on the Sabbath day (Saturday), which is the 7th day of creation. No other day is sanctified as a resting day except on Saturday. The Sabbath day begins from sundown on Friday to sunset on Saturday.

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