God Judgment to the serpent – Genesis 3


What was God’s punishment to the snake?

In the Book of Genesis 3: 14 – 15, God said to the snake or serpent, you of all animals will crawl on your belly and will eat sand all the days of your life. God causes the snake and women (including her offspring) to become enemies.

Did the serpent originally have legs?

Absolutely yes, Snakes were originally created with legs like other animals. However, because the serpent had deceived the women into eating the forbidden fruit, God caused it to lose its legs.

Who is the serpent in the garden of Eden?

As the Bible said, the snake was the most cunning animal God had made. Remember, Satan has fallen before the creation of Adam, Eve, and animals.

In the Book of Revelation 12: 9, Satan was referred to as the serpent of Old thrown down to the earth that now deceives the whole world.

Satan we know today was called Lucifer. 

Satan isn’t a personal name but a Tittle to him, which means Devil, tempter, liar, or slanderer. 

Just like how people are deceived by this attributed evil angel Satan to doing evil, the snake (serpent) was used by Satan to deceive Eve to disobey God’s commands.

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