How Abraham rescued Lot and was blessed Melchizedek.


Four Kings went to war against five Kings.

Among the five Kings are the King’s of Sodom and Gomorrah.

The four Kings defeated five Kings and took away everything they have, including food.

Unfortunately, Lot,

Abraham’s nephew was also taken away and all his possessions because he lived near Sodom.

However, a man escaped ran to

Abraham, in the land of Canaan, near the sacred tree of Mamre and reported what had happened. when Abraham heard his nephew,

Lot has been captured.

He gathered 318 fighting men in his camp.

He divided his men into groups, attacked the enemy by night, defeated them and chased

These four kings as far as Damascus.

He rescued his nephew Lot.

His possessions together

with the women and other prisoners.

Melchizedek Blesses Abraham

When Abraham came back from his victory over the four Kings, the king of Sodom went to meet him in Shaveh Valley, known as King’s Valley also Melchizedek, who was the king of

Salem and the High priest of God, brought some bread and wine to Abraham and blessed him.

Abraham, gave Melchizedek

10th of all the loots He had recovered.

He also gave the king of Sodom,

What belonged to him and some shares to his allies who fought with him.

This is the story of how Abraham rescued Lot

and was blessed by Melchizedek.

So my question to you.

What have you learned in the story?

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