How Esau sold his birthright as the first son to Jacob


Rebecca was barren for 20 years, and because she had no child, Isaac prayed for her, and she became pregnant.

She was heavy with twins, and they struggle with each other in the womb. Rebecca became worried about the situation, and she went to ask the Lord for an answer.

The Lord said to her;
You are carrying two nations within you.
One will be stronger than the other;
The older will serve the younger.

Esau sells his right as the firstborn son to Jacob.

At the time of birth, she had twin
The firstborn was reddish and hairy, so he named Esau
The second came out holding tightly to the heel of Esau and was named Jacob.

The boys grew up; Esau became a skilled hunter, and Isaac loved him.
Jacob was always at home managing the live stocks
One day Esau came back from hunting and was hungry
Luckily, Jacob was cooking some bean soup (porridge)

The Bible Binge 2.2: Jacob and Esau

I’m starving issue said;
Please give me some of that red stuff.
Jacob replied; I will give you if you agree to give me your right as the first son.

Esau said, Alright. Of what good is it to me when I am starving to death.

Jacob answered, first make a vow you will give me your right.
Esau made a vow and gave him his right to Jacob.
Then Jacob gave him some of the food; he ate, drank, and left.
That was how Esau lost his right as the first son.

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Full bible story Genesis 25: 1 – 34

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