• O Lord, oppose those who oppose me and fight those who fight against me. IJN
  • O Lord, every negative decision made against me turns it to my favor. IJN
  • O Lord, fight any man or woman planning evil against me. IJN
  • O Lord, put any man or woman in chains that plan to keep me in chains, IJN
  • O Lord, blind and dumb any monitoring spirits and demons tormenting my life, IJN
  • O Lord, let every plan of the enemy against my destiny fail by fire. IJN
  • O Lord, Let the fire of the living God from heaven destroy the host of principalities against me IJN
  • Let the living fire from heaven burn and consume the sacrifice of haters and destroyers of my glory. IJN
  • O Lord, any satanic Judge sitting on my case be a force to release me IJN
  • Anyone who doesn’t want my release let death visit them by fire in IJN
  • Any evil friend planning against me, make a mistake that will put you to jail. IJN
  • Any arrow against me, go back to sender.IJN

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