Prayer Against Spirit Of Anger and Rages

  1. O Lord, let the spirit of anger residing in me be completely burned out, In Jesus Name

2. Any spirit that triggers anger and rage floating in my spirit, get out now, in Jesus’ Name.

3. Any spirit following me around, arousing negative energy in me, be blind in Jesus Name.

4. Any unholy or demonic power influencing me, I break your pattern in Jesus Name.

5. The anger and rage in my life be converted to peace and joy in Jesus Name.

6. The spirit of anger destroying my blessing begin at the moment, becoming a blessing to me in Jesus’ Name.

7. The spiritual force obstructing the flow of good things in my life become permeable of blessing to me, in Jesus Name
8. Any territorial spirit of anger surrounding me, be moved in Jesus name.

9. Any demonic spirit blocking the presence of holy spirit in my life, lose your hold now in Jesus Name.

10. Let me experience complete transformation with a spirit of calmness and gentleness.

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