Prayer For Mercy & Forgiveness in 2 Min.

  • O Lord, have mercy on me in your abundant mercy.
  • O Lord, Wash me with your precious blood.
  • O Lord, let your mercy override my sins.
  • O Lord, forgive the lustfulness of my thoughts.
  • O Lord, forgive my sexual actions.
  • O Lord, let the eyes of your mercy see me through.
  • O Lord, look not into the sins of my forefather’s and use it against me.
  • O Lord, show mercy to me as you showed to David.
  • O Lord, make my heart pleasing to you always.
  • O Lord, let the throne of your mercy always show forth for me.
  • O Lord, in your abundant mercy, blot out my iniquities.
  • O Lord, in your generous mercy, cast out my sinful deeds and iniquities.
  • O Lord, take not your holy spirit from me and let your mercy speak for me.
  • O Lord, Have mercy and Forgive me

Read bible verses for forgiveness: Psalm 51:1-2, Psalm 32:5 , Psalm 103:11-12

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