Prayer For Repentance

  1. I’m not worthy of calling upon your name with my filthy tongue, my heavenly father I come before you this moment, show mercy to me.
  2. I come in full repentance from my wicked acts and evil thoughts; show mercy to me, Lord.
  3. O Lord, in your faithfulness, show mercy to me and listen to my cry.
  4. O Lord in your unwavering Love, do not bring me to judgment but come to my relief.
  5. O Lord, come quickly as I call upon you, cast me not away from your presence, and take not thy Holy Spirit away from me.
  6. O Lord, I turn away from my filthy works that don’t glorify you; I come before you, lifting my hands to you.
  7. I cry aloud to you, Lord; I lift my voice show your mercy to me.
  8. I pour out my heart of repentance before you and my complaints; Lord, hear my cry now that I’m in trouble.
  9. My spirit is faint waiting for you to dwell in; Lord, come into my life and set a guard in me against infiltration of the enemies.
  10. Listen to my cry, forgive me, for I’m desperate for your mercy. I repent of my wicked ways; Merciful Lord, please come into my life. In Jesus Name. Amen.

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