20 prayer points against spiritual wife

  1. Lord, dissect that spiritual wife destructing my life in Jesus Name.
  2. Lord, torment any spiritual wife haunting my life in Jesus Name.
  3. Lord, Let the fire consume that spiritual wife operating against my life and my health in Jesus Name.
  4. Lord, scatter that gathering of every group of a marine woman destroying my glory in Jesus Name.
  5. Lord, send away any spiritual wife out of my life and my destiny in Jesus Name.
  6. I come against enemies operating in the marine world against me in Jesus Name.
  7. I come against the marine spirit in my household in Jesus Name.
  8. I come against that enemy working against me from the ocean dept in Jesus Name.
  9. I come against that spiritual woman in the seas obstructing my success in Jesus Name.
  10. I come against the evil woman from the lake parading as my spiritual wife in Jesus Name.
  11. Lord, let fire from above consume and burn any spiritual wife destroying my marriage in Jesus Name.
  12. Lord, let fire from heaven consume the sacrifices of spiritual wife, destroying my relationships in Jesus Name.
  13. Lord, let fire from your mouth consume the habitation of spiritual wife scattering my plans in Jesus Name.
  14. Lord, let fire from your heaven destroy the plots of spiritual wife obstructing my glory in Jesus Name.
  15. Lord, let fire from heaven uproot every marine woman posing as a friend against my life in Jesus Name.
  16. O enemy from the water, you will have no root in my life in Jesus Name.
  17. O enemy from marine kingdom loss your hold over me in Jesus Name.
  18. O elements of spiritual entity attacking my life be uprooted out of my life in Jesus Name.
  19. O enemy from east water roaring and blackmailing my destiny receive blindness in Jesus Name.
  20. O enemy from the 4 pillars of the planet attacking me from all sides be destroyed in Jesus Name.

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