Sarah Dies and Abraham bought a Burial ground.


Sarah lived for 127 years; she died in Hebron in the land of Canaan. When she died, Abraham, as a foreigner has no land to bury her.

He went to Hittites and said to them, sell me some land to bury my wife. They said to him, Sir, we look upon you as a great leader, bury your wife in the best grave we have.

Kh. Sahar (Sireh) -

But Abraham insisted they sold the land to him. Abraham bowed to them and said, if you’re willing to give me any land to bury my wife, ask Ephron, son of Zohar, to sell me Machpelah Cave (near Abraham’s field)

Ephron said, here in the presence of the people, I will give you the whole field and cave to bury your wife.

But Abraham insisted they sold the land to him. He bowed to Hittites and said to Ephron, I will buy the whole field, please accept my payment, and i will bury my wife there.

Abraham bought the field at Machpelah for 400 pieces of Silver 

Ephron accepted and sold it to Abraham for 400 pieces of silver. Abraham weighed the amount and paid for the field.

That is how the field and cave in it that belongs to Ephron at Machpelah now belongs to Abraham’s. It was recognized as Abraham’s property by Hittites, who were in the meeting.

In this field, Abraham buried Sarah.

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