The Story of Abraham and Abimelech


Let’s talk about the story of Abraham and King Abimelech.

One Abraham moved from Mamre to the Southern part of Canaan in Gerar between Kadesh and Shur. While in this land, he said to the people of Gerar Sarah was his sister.

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King Abimelech took Sarah as his wife

The king of Gerar picked interest in Sarah and took her as his wife.

One night, the Lord appeared to King Abimelech in the dream and said to him;

You will die because you have taken a married woman.

But Abimelech said to the Lord,

I haven’t done anything wrong.

Abraham said Sarah was his sister, and she said the same thing to me.

I took her with a clear conscience.

God replied I know you have done it with a clear conscience.

That is why I have prevented you from touching her and sinning against me.

Now, give Sarah back to her husband.

He is a prophet, he will pray for you, and you will not die.

I warn you, if you do not give her back to him, you and your people will die.

The King Abimelech Called Abraham

The King Abimelech Called Abraham

In the morning,

Abimelech narrated the dream to his officials, and they were terrified.

The king sent for Abraham and said to him;

What have you done to us?

What wrong have I done to bring a disaster to me?

Abraham replied I thought no one has reverence for God;

and they will kill me and take my wife.

Though she is really my sister but a different mother, and I married her.

I said to her,

You can show you’re loyal to me by telling everyone you’re my sister.

Abimelech gave Sarah back to him and gave him thousands of nieces of Silver so that everyone will know he is innocent.

Because of what happened to Abraham’s wife, all the women and slaves couldn’t bear children.

So, Abraham prayed for Abimelech; God healed him, his wife, and slaves so they could have children.

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