What is the Eternal Sin or Unforgivable Sin?


Eternal sin is an unforgivable sin. It’s a sin against the Holy Spirit.
It’s the Blasphemy against the holy spirit.

Are you wondering if you have sinned against the holy spirit? let me help you understand what this means.

In the book of Mark 3: 29.

“But whoever blasphemed against the holy spirit never has forgiveness, but is guilty of an eternal sin”

In this chapter, Jesus was talking to the pharisees the religious leaders. These men knew the word of God.

They understood the scriptures about the coming of Christ.

They understood Jesus wasn’t an ordinary man instead, they repeatedly reject the fact he wasn’t from God.

The saw the work of Jesus Christ and continually says it’s from demon. Total rejection of Christ is sin against the holy spirit.

I will say you have committed Sin against Holy Spirit when you deliberately reject him. Anyone who rejects Christ and dies in their sin has no hope in other life. That is when it becomes unpardonable because their is no repentance after death. 

Don’t worry if you have committed an unforgivable sin in the past. Take a step of faith and go back to Christ in repentance because forgiveness can only be found in him.

Jesus the merciful Lord will forgive you and cleanse you from your sins.

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